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Things to Consider when you Enrol for a Spanish Course Cuba

Spanish being one of the most commonly spoken language worldwide, it is worth travelling to Cuba for learning Spanish, a country that is dominated by Spanish speakers. But before you pack bags and fly off to Cuba, you have to consider certain things to make your tour successful.

Before you go to Cuba, it is necessary that you research as much as you can about the Spanish course in Cuba and the school you are considering. This will be the biggest holiday investment so make sure you get the best out of it. So before boarding the plane consider:

learn Spanish In Cuba

  • The School : you will probably get personalized attention in a small school, so make sure you choose the school wisely.

  • Team Size : Again a class with 50 students will minimize the chances of personalized attention. Since you will be studying a new language, you’ll require much attention and practice, so choose a school that accommodates lesser number of students per class.

  • Teachers : Teachers who are native Spanish speakers are the best. They must be able to communicate you in your native language, so that you don’t have trouble.

  • Fees : This will depend on your budget. Choose a Spanish course in Cuba that is good for you and suits your budget too.

Apart from this buy a good travel guide, you’ll definitely it there and get a travel insurance.

Once you arrive in Cuba, along with learning the language, try to read the local newspaper, hear the radio and interact with local people to enhance your Spanish vocabulary and speaking skills. The more you practice, the better you’ll be at it, so speak with your friends, watch movies and listen to Spanish music. Try language exchange programs, where you speak in Spanish and your partner will speak in your native language. This way both of you will get a chance to polish the speaking skills. You’re sure to enjoy your Spanish course in Cuba, so never forget to click pictures with new found friends, your teacher and the school. You’ll cherish them later.

Since you have invested quite a lot in learning Spanish in a distant land, it’s a good idea to keep it alive. Ask for recommendations from your teacher about books, movies, etc which you can enjoy back home. If you find a Spanish speaking friend in your home town, make sure you talk to him in Spanish.

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