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Is It Worth Taking a Salsa Holiday in Cuba

If you have been looking for ways to spend the holidays by doing something innovative, a dance holiday is something you can try. Why not learn Spanish dance in Cuba, a country which is well known for its salsa dancers. Cuba comes alive at night when the locals come out on the street and enjoy music and dance. You’ll b overwhelmed with the options, if you’re planning to take a dance holiday in Cuba. You can find a number of venues where you can enjoy live music and groove to it.
Salsa Holiday in Cuba

So what to expect on a salsa dance holiday in Cuba?

While on a dance holiday you can expect a lot of dancing. You’ll find a local professional salsa dancer as your partner so you can learn some authentic salsa dancing. Be sure to experience salsa like you’ve never experienced it before. If you are here to Learn Spanish in Cuba, you may join another program where you learn salsa simultaneously. If learning the Spanish dance in Cuba is your only purpose, here are things that you can expect from the dance holiday program:

  • Intensive dance lessons by expert dancers
  • Special night out with local people in amazing locations
  • You can enjoy an overall party atmosphere and bond with the local Cubans
  • Most importantly, learn the dance in its authentic forms

The best thing about dance holidays is that you don’t have to be great dancer or have someone accompany you. All that is needed is great love for dance and the eagerness to learn it. One thing that you should consider is that, dance holidays tend to be expensive, so have the budget accordingly. Everything is organized beforehand, so you’ll have to work accordingly. If you love letting yourself loose and not remain restricted to some program, you might consider thinking again.

You can go on a dance holiday all by yourself and it can be a fantastic experience. If you’re on a solo salsa holiday, you might not have the party atmosphere or don’t have expert teachers to guide you through. You can join a salsa club and let yourself loose.

Solo dance holidays can be great but if you’re going for the first time, it is recommended to go on an organised tour. So if you are planning for an adventure holiday, try to learn Spanish dance in Cuba.

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