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Facts That You Should Know Before Travelling to Cuba

Cuba is a land of diversity and has a lot to offer to its visitors. It’s not been very long that Americans are allowed to visit Cuba legally. Since then people have been flocking to Cuba from the U.S for one-on-one cultural exchanges and learn Spanish. You can find many good Spanish schools in Cuba, where you can learn the language in the best possible way and get opportunities to practice it.  As people get a chance to explore the amazing travel opportunities, we dig into the most commonly asked questions about travel to Cuba.
Learn Spanish Course in Cuba

Here are some questions that you might have in mind, before you decide to get admitted to a Spanish school in Cuba:

  • Why Should I choose Cuba : Cuba is an entirely different world from what you have lived and known. Here you can enjoy the rich culture in a tropical backdrop, along with admiring the classic vehicles, dance and music. Unlike other tours, in Cuba you’ll be interacting with people from all walks of the life on a daily basis and relaxing on the Caribbean beaches. While you’ve been born and brought up in the most financially stable countries in the world, here you will experience people still learning to be entrepreneurs. So if you are open-minded enough, this would be the best visit ever. And better if you can stay here for some days to learn their language. Rather than registering at a Spanish school in Cuba, you can choose to stay with a family and learn the language along with experiencing the real life in Cuba.

  • The Cuban People – what to expect : Cubans are passionate about music, dance and sports and you’ll be surprised how clean the country is. They lead simple lives and are very spirited in conversing with the visitors on various topics, expect politics. The Cuban kids have more to do than iPods and video games, they are involved in various kind of sports, learn to sing, dance and other forms of art. Cubans love having fun so they gather on streets in the evenings to sing and dance along. They are very humble and grounded and will go an extra mile to help you.

  • Other Things to Consider : Carry your passport and visa while travelling to Cuba. You don’t need any kind of vaccines to visit this country. The food is safe for consumption, but you should drink bottled water. While in Cuba you can smoke as much cigars as you want or drink as much rum as you want, but never make the mistake of packing them for friends and family. These are banned to be carried out of the country. You can buy art souvenirs for your loved ones and there is no limit on how much art you can buy.

Now that you know what to expect while travelling to Cuba, you can safely pack your bags and enjoy your visit in the land of diversity.

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