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Coolest Things To Do During a Cuban Adventure Travel

Cuba is not like just another country, it is a blend of different cultures. The subtle side of Cuba has tobacco fields and farms with ox-driven ploughs and a more vibrant side, the bustling city of Havana. Cuba is perfect for those willing to spend their vacations trying out adventure sports and outdoor activities.

Apart from the 120 art galleries, 265 museums and 70 theatres, there more Cuba has to offer to its visitors. To make your visit even more adventurous you can try out the following cool outdoor activities that will be offered by the Cuba adventure tour:

Cuba Adventure Travel

  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving : Cuba is an Island and offers great opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling, one of the highlights of the Cuba adventures travel. Professional divers will guide you through the spectacular underwater places with views of the coral reefs and magnificent underwater creatures. While in Cuba, never miss out a chance to explore the underwater world.

  • Rafting : Río de Aguas Blancas is the main river flowing through Cuba and is the perfect place for rafting. Rafting is for those with a strong heart and those who love to feel the adrenaline rush. You’ll be rafting on the white water and will have an expert along with for your safety.

  • Hiking, Trekking and Climbing : Cuba is a land of diversity. It has several mountainous areas where you can try hiking, trekking and mountain climbing.  You’ll have the chance to admire the virgin forests, amazing waterfalls, various species of birds and much more.

  • Dance in the Streets : Might sound crazy, but that’s the way Cubans spend their lives – dancing and partying at night. You’re sure to learn some amazing Cuban dance steps that you can flaunt back home. Be ready to come alive with the hypnotic Cuban music.

  • Learn to Roll the Cigar : The best quality tobacco is exported from Cuba and then rolled into cigars in Havana. You must take an organised tour and look around how the cigars are actually rolled. You can try out one as well.

Groove to the music of local bands as you gulp down Mojitos. To have the best experience make sure they contain Havana Club Rum. Whether on a casual tour or on a business our, make sure you take a Cuba adventure tour to rev up your life.

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