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Catching up with Previous Jakera Cuba Travelers

Here at Jakera, we’ve decided to share with you a few unique stories from some of our previous guests in Cuba. In today’s post we were able to catch up with Karen, from California. Karen was lucky enough to spend a few months in Cuba and as you can imagine she has some amazing stories.

When we asked Karen to pick one of those amazing stories, she shared the following:

“One of the highlights from my trip was going to Viñales. For example, one of my favorite parts of Viñales was when we were walking back towards town and in the sky you could see it was going to rain soon. So, we needed to rush towards town avoid the heavy rain. Well, what ended up happening was that we made it back to our horse cart. But, once we were on the road, the storm came down so hard and started pouring rain. It was the most ecstatic moment I have ever felt. The dripping raindrops surrounding the car gave me an adrenaline rush. My heartbeat increased as the drops of rain plopped on the floor. The rush of adrenaline through everyone’s body made us burst out in heavy laughter. The adrenaline, the sound of rain and the joyous people around me made me choose this story out of all the other fun stories from the trip. The way of life in Cuba is very distinct and unique in terms of the culture, relationships, and their attitude. It really was a wonderful experience to be able to gain more insight on the Cuban way of life and interact with locals.”

Viñales, Cuba

Beautiful Viñales, Cuba

Through Jakera Cuba, travelers are immersed in the Cuban culture. We ask Karen how that impacted her trip:

“The immersion impacted my trip by providing me the ability to gain more insights on the Cuban way of life, culture, and expression. It was mind-blowing to see how culturally rich Cuba is in comparison to other aspects of life. I felt so immersed in the culture by being able to live in Old Havana with locals. It was inspiring to see so much art, dance, and talent around the city.”

And lastly we wanted to know if Karen would recommend Jakera Cuba to her friends and what she would tell them about Jakera Cuba:

“Yes, I would definitely recommend Jakera to a friend. I would tell them that this program is not your typical program. If you are an open-minded person and would like to experience the ‘real Cuba’, then this program is for you. You will not have luxury markets, living situation, or wifi, but you will enjoy your trip because you will learn to appreciate the simple things in life and learn to socialize face-to-face with people. You will be amazed of the energy of the Cuban people and how happiness is not connected with materialized objects.”

Thank you Karen for sharing your experience with Jakera Cuba and our followers!

We look forward to providing more once in a lifetime opportunities to travelers around the world. Please reach out to us if you would like more information about traveling to Cuba.

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