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Adventure Travel in Cuba Is a Lifetime Experience

Aged yet magnificent, decrepit but dignified, fun and succeeding; Cuba is a land of indefinable enigma and countless experiences. Cuba is like a poorly dressed prince, who has turned shabby due to years of wear and tear; yet gold dust lingers behind the shabby old facades. Once you are here, you can wave goodbye to the western and rest of the world because you are now in the land of unexpected adventures. Famous for adventure travel, Cuba has the power to frustrate you at one moment and enchant you at another. You may find the robust culture of the land shocking, but you can never get enough of it. The mystical land with fructiferous forests and crocodile-infested and rugged mountains swampswill swing you into the endless and awe inspiring folklores of the country. Cuba is famous for its white sand beaches, cigars and rum.

Adventure Travel in Cuba

Cuba adventure tours aim to give the travellers the real view of Cuba. You get to know about people, culture, lifestyle and various kinds of contradictory curiosities that exist in this kind of Caribbean Galapagos. Once you are in Cuba you can go for sight-seeing and excursions as well as do your own exploration. Why one should visit Cuba once in a lifetime:

  • See the architectural elegance : The buildings and establishments here exhibit a courageous assortment of style, boldness and background influences. There is nothing pure about Cuban architecture but the culture absorbed the best of imported genres and stood out as something that is beautiful and uniquely Cuban.
  • Underwater Adventure travel : You can easily find dive sites in Cuba. There are innumerable excellent dive sites. The best areas- Maria la Gorda, Isla de la Juventud, Jardines de Reina require preplanning, ample time and are fairly isolated where you can enjoy thoroughly. However it is advised to focus on one place rather than covering multiple diving sites. Deep sea diving offers access to one of the world’s largest coral reefs.
  • Experience Cuba’s revolutionary heritage : Cuba’s revolution history reads like a movie script. Stuffed with events and breathtaking twists of history, Cuba is surely a place to get inspired from. The warmth of the friendly and open people will let you in their neighborhood where you can listen to Cuban reggae and Cuban rap music, see the Afro-Cuban dance, hangout with farmers, talk about the land with a fine quality rum and cigar to keep you pro-active.

Cuba with its vibrant rhythm, rolling mountains and stretched beaches, and rich heritage of music, literature and dance will tell you to return again and again.

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